Monday, November 24, 2008

BJJ Blog of the Year Contest

It seems only fitting that it has finally come full circle. I began keeping this Blog because I heard Caleb from The Fightworks Podcast talking about the results of the Blog of the year contest last year.

Now it took some time for me to finally settle in and download his XML file of recommended Blogs but once I did, I was hooked. Every day when I open up Google Reader, I have access to a world of my peers; like minded individuals who share the same struggles as I across each corner of the globe.

It was inevitable that I would begin to submit my own words to this world, and to my pleasant surprise I found my humble little Blog being accepted into Caleb's XML along with all of the others I read and anticipate. We share our struggles, we share our strengths; your insights have helped me along my journey and I hope to do the same one day.

If anyone would like to nominate this small project of mine for "The Fightworks Podcast Blog of the Year" I have included the link below. This is a very new blog and I harbor no illusions of receiving a nomination and I know the league of competition that is out there; because I am a fan.

Here is the Link

BJJ Blog of the Year 2008 Contest


Sir. Fobos said...

Consider yourself nominated! I posted the blog's website on the link you provided. Let's hope this all works out!!!
p.s. My throat is destroyed. Damn those chokes!!!!! Damn them all to hell!!!

Anonymous said...

No problem.

It is done.

slideyfoot said...

Cool - hadn't noticed this site until you posted on the contest page. Cheers for linking back to your blog: I'll be sticking you in my Google Reader. :D