Friday, December 19, 2008

Rolling with Mighty Whitey

So we rolled. Now, I've hardly ever rolled with this one before. I must say just the sheer enormity, size and strength was intimidating. But there is something so fun about it. Living up here in the desert, we don't get a visit from him often so when he comes around we have to get in as much rolling as we can.

This week, he came and he came to dominate. This dude was cold. No matter what I did, there he was. No matter what trick I tried to pull, he had a counter. Cool and calculating.

Now I never roll with emotion, never with fire and anger. But when I finally started to I could feel him melting underneath me for a moment. But alas, he was too massive, I was mounted in what seemed a blanket of white. The pressure was too much; I had to TAP.

That's right folks...SNOW, in the middle of the desert. Not just snow, a bunch of snow. I've lived here for, well, too long now and I've never seen it like this. Needless to say, we are not well equipped to deal with such conditions in California's high desert so getting to work let alone training is questionable. But hey, we only get a good snow day once a decade or so; might as well enjoy it.

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Sir. Fobos said...

Yup, it looks like the snowman kicked your ass! Dude, it was pretty much hell here at work... someone busted open their dome and had to be taken to the ER. I was able to make BJJ on Wednesday, just before the snow started... but it looks like you got some good rolling in!!!