Monday, February 16, 2009


I am back from my miniature vacation. I took my wife to San Francisco this weekend. I surprised her with the flight out, hotel and good tickets to see Wicked (the musical) up there. We had a fantastic time, and despite being delayed at LAX by a broken plane by almost two hours, everything went pretty smoothly.

We were able to hang out around Fisherman's Wharf, have lunch at one of her favorite places and just relax a bit. The show was great (just like the many times we saw it in LA) but the SF fans were pathetic. They didn't know to applaud when one of the principal characters entered for the first time, many of the great jokes fell flat, and the ovation at the end was kinda painful to get out of them. I must say, I was a bit disappointed in the SF fans.

I think my wife had a good birthday. I hope she was really surprised and enjoyed it.

Now we are back:

So, the saga continues. I had my MRI this morning and tomorrow afternoon I will once again meet with my neurologist to review the results. We will also be looking at the results of the tests he ran on the few gallons of blood he had taken out of me last week.

Wednesday, I go to see the cardiologist. According to my neurologist, I have a handful of fun sounding tests to undergo with the cardio doc, including a camera being shoved into my heart. We'll see. I'm sure I'll learn more Wednesday and go from there. All I can do is roll with it and trust that these guys know what they're doing and will find the answers we need to help me get back on the mats.

I need to get some activity going. It has been difficult lately with the Dr.'s appointments, work, and the trip I just took my wife on for her birthday. Hopefully some of this rain will pass soon so I can get some cycling in. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.


Sir. Fobos said...

I pray that all your testing goes well. Hopefully, the doctors will find the root of your problems and you can close this chapter on your life. I'm here if you ever need a shoulder to bleed on!

Steve said...

Good luck! You're definitely getting whatever good vibes I have to send your way.

Glad your wife's birthday was a good one.