Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to Earth

BJJ (10/22/08 6:00pm)

Did anyone feel a sudden decrease in air pressure last night? In the gym, windows were cracking, ears were popping, people were passing out from asphyxia, even light started to disappear never to be seen again. Why? Because I was sucking. Bad. What a horrible night. My new BJJ nickname should be black hole. Even I couldn't escape my own suck. I was so bad I made week-old sushi look good.

My first roll was with a guy who is bigger and much stronger. Gorilla strong. I was on defense from the start. I managed to get to half guard from his mount and at one point coach was yelling at me pretty intensely. He kept pointing out how I was doing everything wrong, and by his voice and the words he chose I could tell he was pretty frustrated. But I think the most embarrassing thing was the fact that he was calling me by the wrong name. Since my head was buried, he thought I was someone else.

Second roll was with a guy who I always do well with. Decent roll, no real complaint.

Third. I finally got a taste of Coach's wrath. From across the room, he grabs this new guy, with a Mohawk, a gi top, and gym shorts; points at me and says you will go with that guy now. I figure, great he sees that I’m sucking and he knows I cant hang so he’s sending me a newb because I’m tired and having a bad night. Awesome. Way to go Jay.

Then the roll began.

And it became apparent that Coach was not being kind to me. This guy was an animal. Freakin wrestler. And a good one. He had my back in seconds. I was defending a rear naked for minutes. Thankfully he had no technical skill and I managed to get back to his guard. The only satisfaction I had was when I managed to stack pass him, unintentionally hurting him in the process (he's not too limber yet).

All in all, pretty frustrating night.

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Sir. Fobos said...

We talked about this before you posted your blog entry, and man, I feel bad for you. Number 1, when coach thinks that you're someone else and is yelling at you, then suddenly realizes that he was yelling at the wrong guy, that just plain sucks. Then, you have to roll with a noob that coach 'hand-picks' simply to demolish you. That sucks even more. Damn wrestlers. BJJ is like the srock market: One day your up, then next your down. When your up, coach loves you and you get a cookie. When your down, coach calls you by the wrong name and sits back and laughs as his new 'chosen one' (wrestler none-the-less) takes off your own belt and chokes you with it. Hey, atleast you were able to break his rear-naked and jump back in his guard. Here's a cookie.