Monday, October 20, 2008

Number One

One of the most frustrating things about training BJJ for me is the fact that I love it. I sense the irony detectors going off, and for good reason. I’m not trying to be overly clever but here is the conundrum.

BJJ is a difficult, demanding sport. In order to make any significant progress, one must spend time on the mats. Ironic point number one, many good schools are expensive thus requiring their adult, paying, members to dedicate themselves equally to their chosen professions.

I have reached a point in my career wherein I am often at the office much longer than the requisite number of hours daily; sometimes at the end of those days the computer comes home with me to continue working. This is just the nature of my industry. I have made a good living for my wife and I even if it means we only see one another for a couple of hours a day during the week. Which, needless to say, is not nearly enough time!

Throw my BJJ addiction into this mix and you can begin to understand my frustration. Hence, Grappling with Life. I plan to use this space to record insights that I gain from my training, to vent on occasion when life gets in the way and to hopefully keep myself centered.


Sir. Fobos said...

Jay, I feel your pain both at work and on the training mat. For us professionals in the work force, we have devoted the majority of our lives to school, studies, careers, and family - in no particular order. We simply do not have the pleasure of 'having time'; we have the burden of 'scheduling time'. This comes with great reward but also with great problems. Yes, the money in our career field is great, but it leaves us with only a few precious hours a day to spend time with the ones we love and almost zero time to enjoy other things in life. Now, through in our addiction to the art of BJJ! We work in the same building and train on the same mat; we both have families. Where do we find the time? HOW do we find the time? I find it easier to schedule an hour meeting with the bosses than it is to schedule a one hour BJJ workout at the gym! Our lives are pretty much parallel, and I will enjoy following your progress as you 'Grapple with Life'.

GenXFamilyMan said...

I really enjoy your blog. If you think time is an issue now, wait til you have kids!