Monday, March 9, 2009

Postponed TEE and More De-De-De

March 9, 2009

Today was supposed to be the day of my TEE (Transesophogeal Echocardiogram) test. That got put on hold because last night I had yet another TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or mini-stroke. This one was not as severe as the others I have had in the past but it was pretty darn alarming.

It started off with my wife noticing me rocking side to side for quite a long time before the actual attack happened. I though I was sitting perfectly still but her cell phone video tells a different story. When the attack struck, I basically felt like I was drunk but without the benefit of getting drunk the fun way. Dizzy and a bit disoriented. This morning before I went to the Doctor's I actually stumbled over myself a bit.

So rather than having the TEE test today, it was back into an urgent care, another CAT scan, another visit to the Neurologist and on and on. So the Neurologist said that this one was definitely just a Migraine induced TIA and the CAT scan showed nothing. So, there is no need to get all worked up over it, you know except for the fact that it was a mini-stroke!!!

So the TEE will now be on Friday morning. We'll see how that goes. The Neurologist repeated again today that he does not want me doing BJJ at all. He asked if "there was some other sport" I could get involved in. It seems easy for someone who doesn't know to say something like that doesn't it?

Not giving up. Keeping my goals in mind. I will be back on the mats. I will beat this.


Sir. Fobos said...

Jay, you posted this before you made your phone call to me this morning. To anyone who is reading this, the new stroke has landed Jay into the hospital as of this morning, March 10 2009. I do not know at this time if Jay will be coming home tonight or if this will be an extended stay, but I'm going to visit him after work to get a better picture of what going on. Talking with him on the phone it seems like this is another stroke after the one he had mentioned in the current blog and it's a pretty big one. Keep him in your prayers.

Angie L. said...

I love that, "isn't there some other sport you can do?" My original cardiologist kept saying to me, "there is no reason you have to push yourself so hard physically the way you do. You need to just relax and do some walking. People are perfectly healthy doing walking one hour a day." HAHAHAHAH they don't understand the athlete.