Monday, January 19, 2009

Warning: No Jiu Jitsu Content

I should have had a T-shirt printed with that saying on it for last week.

Yup, my life was a Jiu Jitsu free zone this last week. Unless you count what goes on inside my heart or my head. Worked long hours so I didn’t get to the gym, even the one night when I could have made it I was so tired I just didnt have it in me. That’s not to say I didn’t do some good stuff. I bookended the weekends with some fun stuff, so at least I can write about that!

On Sunday 1/11/09 we went to see the finale of Wicked the musical in Los Angeles (sat right in front of Diane Keaton). This marks the 5th or 6th time my wife and I have seen the show. Needless to say we’ve enjoyed it each time. Enough to go back again and again. It was sad to see it knowing that this is the last time, unless we go to San Francisco now that its moving there.

The rest of the week at work was ridiculous. I mean crazy, hellacious, absurdly busy. Without going into detail that would be both boring and inappropriate, we in the land of DoD contracting often get bombarded (that’s punny) with existing and new work. Holidays are great, but the clean-up afterward is brutal. So I spent pretty much every day staying late to get caught up. Fortunately, I think I’m there.

On Saturday 1/17/09 my wife and I were off to see Jeff Dunham in Los Angeles. We went to see him last year in Long Beach so we had a fear that perhaps he would recycle a lot of the same material. Fortunately, he packed a bunch of new stuff into the set. It was like a homecoming for him, so he gave a great show. A lot of fun.

So no Jits, but a lot of other stuff. Mostly work, but hey it pays for the opportunity right? Anyway, weeks like this happen. The point is to not let them become a discouragement.

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